WARNING! Don’t even think about taking your rescue pet for a walk until you’ve read this.

WARNING! Don’t even think about taking your rescue dog for a walk until you’ve read this.⚠️🐾

The true solution, to keeping your furry escape artist safe!

The heart-sinking feeling when your dog slips out of his collar and runs away is a situation none of us bears thinking about. However, rescue dogs are a big flight risk due to their previous history, so it is important you prepare and get the essentials you need to keep your new fur-baby safe.

Generally, the experience of travelling so far, and living in a whole new environment can be an unsettling experience for your pup. He was in a rescue centre in the first place because he needed care and protection, so there’s no surprise why he may be on edge for the first few days, weeks, and sometimes months, especially when going walkies.

Heading out on your first dog walk with your new edition is supposed to be a time-honoured tradition between man and man’s best friend where both ends of the leash have a great time, but the reality is it doesn’t always start out that way.

Instead of being the pups favourite part of the day, the prospect of leaving the house for a walk, even if it's only around the block can be terrifying!

Teaching a dog to be lead trained, or even to wear a collar may remind them of bad experiences. They could have been chained up, abused, or may never have had one in their life before they come to you, and might be a bit apprehensive about trying something new.

Watch their behaviour and their body language for clues to what is most frightening and threatening to them. Moving traffic, frantic sirens, other dogs and animals or unfamiliar people are all other factors that could trigger your four-legged friend's fight or flight response.

But what if you can’t prevent the things your dog is scared of from happening?

You find a solution, and that's by ensuring your dog is wearing high-quality accessories and equipment to keep him safe while you're out on your doggy adventures.

The past year it’s been upsetting to hear about how many rescues have gone missing after arriving at their forever home. Devastatingly, some of these innocent, confused pups never made it back, through no fault of their own. Since establishing we have transported hundreds of dogs internationally, and we can pledge that none have ever gone missing, and we want to keep it that way!

What is the best escape-proof harness for my rescue dog?

We decided to take on the challenge, and do our own research in the hope to find a solution to prevent any more rescue dogs from escaping and putting their lives at risk.

Under disbelief, we discovered that many harnesses sadly failed to live up to the description of being 100% escape-proof and therefore was the primary reason for the dog breaking free.

Also, many harnesses claimed to be loosely fitted on the dogs down to inaccurate measurements, whereas others were simply able to back out and scamper! And that's when 'The Light Bulb Moment Happened'

Not only have we realized that there is a great deal of poor-quality products on the market, but also the root of the problem as to why all these dogs were escaping, was simply because the harnesses were missing a vital strap. The safety and well-being of our furry-friends even after the adoption is our number one priority. So we took on the challenge ourselves, to source and design a High-Quality Escape Proof Harness.

After months of searching, we proudly present to you our brand-new range of a True Escape Proof Harness!

The True Escape Proof Harness is a must-have! Designed with common behaviour characteristics in rescue dogs purposely in mind, it is rated among the best escape proof harnesses on the market. With a Double H design, a secure D Ring, and most importantly an additional removable strap it will give your dog extra security if he tries to give you the slip.

We have personally tried and tested each of these harnesses, and they have contained even our biggest of wrigglers and chewers! With an extra loop for security, no matter how frightened your dog is, we can assure you they won’t break free.

Here at Adopt My Pawfect Match, we pride ourselves on making sure the safety of your rescue dog comes first! There are four different sizes available and multiple styles to choose from to ensure your dog is safe from harm's way, and simultaneously the best-dressed pooch in town! Our aim is to give all dog owners 100% assurance when buying accessories and products for their beloved pets. Not only to make sure they are not out of pocket but to give complete peace of mind that your fur baby is strapped in safe and securely.

Is an escape-proof harness really necessary?

We frequently get asked this question and the short answer is YES! The heartbreak caused by your pet getting loose is much greater than the time spent trying to get them back! At least in the tragic event of your dog going missing, you know that you’ve done everything that you could possibly do to protect them.

Don’t get fooled by the limitations and head over to Shop for Street Dogs and prepare for your new arrival in the right way.

The only question left for your fashionistas is which style to buy?