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Thank you for your interest in rehoming an overseas rescue pup.
Answers to the most frequently asked questions that we receive about the dog rehoming process can be found below.

How can I register to adopt my Pawfect Pup?

The quickest way to adopt is by completing our Pawfect Match Maker Survey! We'll ask you questions to help us decide the sort of dog you're looking for and ask you questions about your lifestyle and personality. The dogs will undergo a similar sort of test and by using an algorithm similar to a dating website we aim to find you your Pawfect Match!

Do you re-home to people living in flats?

We treat all of our customers and dogs as individuals as we recognise that everyone’s circumstances are different. All of our rescues have indvidual profiles. Once you've registered, we can match you up with a dog that we think would be best for you and your home.

Who are we & where are we based?

We are an all star team of animal lovers from around the world who all have one thing in common - wanting to help street animals of the world! We are a UK LTD company and are fully regised and insured in Pet Transport. We work working alongside Animal Rescues in Thailand & Bulgaria to transport adopted rescued pets!

I've found my Pawfect Match is the pup definately mine?

You've found your match! Life is bliss! To secure your Pawfect Match we ask for a £75 deposit. Once received we will start to prepare travel & health documents and a date will be given for when the pup can travel.

Do you rehome to family with children?

Adopt My Pawfect Match was designed to match you up with a dog we feel would be best for you and your whole family. When we assess our dogs, we take into consideration information from their backgrounds and their behaviour for us to decide whether it would be suitable for them to live with children.

How much is the adoption fee?

The Adoption Fees vary in price. It all depends on where your dog is travelling from, and what Rescuer is fostering your dog Each shelter has different rehoming fees!
You can find out the cost during your virtual home check.

What we can tell you is that all rehoming fees will include:
- Microchip
- Titer Test ( If Needed )
- Initial vaccinations, flea and worming treatment - Neutering ( If of age) - Transportation & An Escape Proof Harness
- Ongoing Supprt, Advice and you'll be a part of a dog loving community for life

Will my Adopted Rescue need to quarantine?

No that's only for humans! Our Rescues can travel to all destinations without needing to quarantine.

How big will my puppy grow?

This is difficult to answer. Unless we've seen both parents of the puppy ( which is very rare) we can never be 100% certain on how big the puppy can grow.

Will I have to go through being home-checked?

After you've found your Pawfect match you will be invited for a virtual home check. Don't worry, there's nothing to worry about. It's just a friendly social call so we can get to know you a little bit better. It's also a great opportuntiy for you to sniff out any questions you've got for us! :)

Where do I collect my dog from and what about travel documents?

Don't worry we organise everything on you, and your furbabies behalf. Export documents, door to door collections, drop-offs, and all paperwork required for travel will be provided.

How long does it take to adopt a dog?

We appreciate that you may fall in love with a dog and want to bring it home straight away, however, we need to make sure the dog is fit for travel and meets all the requirements to enter the country legally. When you have found your Pawfect match our team will let you know the time frame for your chosen rescue's transport date.

How will my adopted pet travel?

Understandably, this is usually the most worrying part for most adopters. Your new furbaby is taking on the biggest adventure of he/she's life! Of course, you're going to worry.
Rest assured your pet's in safe hands!
We are Pet First Aid Qualified and your pet will be accompanied every step of the way and treated as though they are our own. We are currently covering air-transit routes from Thailand and land crossings va Pet Mini Van from Bulgaria.

Here are a few 3-minute articles you need to read if you are adopting a Rescue Dog, even if you're an experienced adopter & dog lover! 

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